Photography in Fashion

Over the weekend, I had been given the opportunity to shoot models for a friends upcoming fashion business. Cossette Vintage is a sustainable fashion and apparel brand run by Camille Faiola. She effortlessly combines thrifted second hand clothing with her sewing skills to create looks tailored to modern trends as well as vintage.

While I am a cinematographer, I still have a passion for still art photography. This was a great way for me to elaborate on that skill and capture the overall vibe of each look that Faiola was going for.

There is something quite exhilarating about thrifting the majority of these looks as you can end up finding rarities. This was an Oscar De La Renta dress found in a Goodwill bin for mere dollars. For background, ODLR apparel goes for thousands of dollars.

Along with taking on the fast fashion industry, Faiola’s line challenges gender stereotypes, not shying away from women’s apparel on male models and vice versa.

There is something for everybody at Cossette Vintage.

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