De-aging in Film – The Ethics and History

By: Alexandra Newe  Does the process of de-aging and deep-faking celebrity stars in films constitute ethical and/or psychological ramifications? In an industry that thrives off of youthfulness and stardom, technological advancements concerning the de-aging process and deep-faking have raised a considerable amount of controversy. From films such as Gemini Man (2019) to Rogue One (2016),…

SOUND DESIGN – Vindicta (Short Film)

From ADR to Foley to composition, I worked on the sound design for this short student film and had a blast exploring this darker side to soundscapes. Focusing mainly on drone tones, the diegetic sound was what I wanted to bring out much like in the Cohen Brothers “No Country for Old Men”

Metanoia – Album #2

Metanoia is an album full of previously released songs and unreleased songs from the old band, AXP. Their titular track “How Inconvenient” headlines at over 8,000 streams as the popularity of the song grew on Tiktok.

KTV 2022 Film Festival

As the Head of Film at KTV, I was tasked with organizing and hosting the 2022 Film Festival for Kent Television. It was an arduous process, but the end was as fulfilling as ever. We worked with the directors and their crews from day one of writing their scripts to casting, shooting, and editing everything…

Blue Monday – A Short Film

Nothing ever seems to go right for Harry Henderson (Jack Lively). However, after a minor mishap leads to a change in luck, Harry’s life is thrown into a sudden, existential spiral.