Glitch Art

The moment technology becomes invisible to society; when we have accepted it as a normal part of life, becomes the moment where we truly need to identify its impact. The human brain was not wired to withstand the inconceivable mass that the Internet is, yet we still use it every day. Errors in coding, or mistyping give us a glimpse into the fabric of deep tech. For example, if you were to hand type a URL for a website, chances are you’d miss a letter or number. The moment you hit search, you are redirected to a completely different page. This then causes you to realize the complexity of something as simple as a URL. By “glitching” the system, we have paused to identify the nature of the technology we are interacting with. 

Processed through Javascript in Line Sorting

Meaning is subjective, as is a glitch, so therefore a glitch can spur new meaning from creation. If we look at all art through this lens of destruction, we can see that glitch is at the center of creation.

Planet sculpted through Adobe After Effects and processed through Javascript

“in the digital world we have claimed sure footing and a platform that allows us to explore new publics, engage in critical discourse with new audiences, and, above all, glitschen between new conceptions of our bodies, ourselves.” -Legacy Russel  

Russel argues in her manifesto that like a glitch, the internet offers liberation as well as an exploration into the unknown. It is an exploration of identity. When we go online, we get to choose what being to inhabit, what gender, what sexuality. And from this, we can tamper with the societal system that puts so many of us in an enclosed identity. Through the internet, we can “glitch” the algorithm and participate in a liberated form of expression hidden from the real world. This way of slipping past the system, one is able to escape the previous entrapments one would face in society. Online, we can glitch whenever we want. 

Javascript color crusher

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  1. Adam says:

    This is amazing! I couldn’t stop staring at any of them!


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