Gun Violence in America

Alexandra Newe

Art 110

Gun Violence in America

Lauren Woods exhibit entitled, American MONUMENT, sparked a much needed discussion about gun violence in our modern day America. It all began with artist, Lauren Woods. Woods designed an interactive exhibit featuring audio as well as documents of 25 American cases of black citizens that were killed by white police officers. She put her exhibit on pause after the termination former UAM director Kimberli Meyer, whom Woods collaborated with. This situation epitomizes the current situation of America today. Not enough attention is drawn to gun violence. Every so often a mass number of people are shot and we see it on the news, but 96 people are killed every day in America due to firearms. While Black people are not the only victims of gun violence, Black males are 16 times more likely to be shot and injured in an assault than white males. We do have laws set in place to regulate the purchasing of firearms, however, these regulations vary from state to state, and loopholes are formed. Only three states require customers to obtain permits to purchase a firearm. Now, the flip side of this is the concern for safety. People worry that there are lunatics out there with guns, ready to kill, so therefore they themselves need a gun for protection. This is where the controversy strikes. Where do we draw the line? There are people out there who will get their guns illegally and gun regulations would be a mere obstacle. However for the majority, stricter gun laws and elimination of loopholes could save hundreds of lives and prevent catastrophic events.

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