Short Story


Gamor by Alexandra Brontë

The alarm was blaring through the city as the GDC or the Gamor Defense Core patrolled the streets with their large guns and hover tanks. Xack’s breath was shallow as he jumped between rooftops in the Zuburbs. He had stolen a Gamor battery from Gamor’s nuclear facility.

“Stop where you are!” He heard from above him. Xack looked up and saw a hover tank floating above him. Suddenly his body felt lightweight. Light surrounded him as his body lifted from the ground. They were attempting to beam him up into the tank. Xack frantically thought of a way out. He could try to shoot the reactor beam and cut off the ray. Suddenly he remembered he had the Gamor battery in his bag. The tank was coming closer and closer into view as he was drawn towards it. He pulled the glowing orb out of his pack and pointed it towards the tank.

The orb began to feel hot in his hand as it shot a ray of electric blue plasma towards the hover tank. The plasma hit the tank and the entire things turned bright blue and exploded into pieces. Xack began to fall and braced himself for impact. He hit the roof of a Zuburb complex.

“Shit” he groaned, his back stiff with pain. He stood himself up and brushed his clothes off. He was covered in blue dust from the explosion. He unzipped his pack and was about to put the battery away when he froze. Realization hit him as he recollected what had happened. The explosion had killed whoever was in that hover tank. Xack was a thief, but never a murderer. He put the blue orb away and sat for a moment, breathing.

I just killed men

Moments passed before he noticed the alarm was still sounding. He needed to get moving. His communities life depended on this battery.

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