Filming in Bodega Bay


Filming in Bodega Bay was such an amazing experience. This film was made at Goat Rock Beach, about 8 miles away from the Church where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “The Birds.”

Billy Blast-off v Dr. Nucleus


Billy Blast-off v Dr. Eugene Nucleus

I shot this in Bodega Bay, California over the span of a few hours. It tells the story of Billy, a rootin-tootin cowboy from the Desert who seeks his revenge from Dr. Eugene Nucleus.

Directed by: Alex Newe

Director of Photography: Alex Newe

Starring: Ethan Encelewski as Billy Blast-off

and Payton Chalstrom as Dr. Nucleus

Audio: Kelissa Lemoine

Songs:The Great Shark Chase” from Jaws 

Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin 

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