Photography in Fashion

Over the weekend, I had been given the opportunity to shoot models for a friends upcoming fashion business. Cossette Vintage is a sustainable fashion and apparel brand run by Camille Faiola. She effortlessly combines thrifted second hand clothing with her sewing skills to create looks tailored to modern trends as well as vintage. While I…

VFX Planet

In preparation for my Star Wars film, I decided it was time to practice VFX. After Effects scared me so much because it was so foreign to me. But after a few hours of tutorials, I felt comfortable enough to try it. This was my first attempt at shooting a planet!

Music: Releasing My EP on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

So my band and I finally did it! It took around 3 months, but we finally got our EP out. The entire process was surreal for me. We began AXP as a means to release our music, but looking at where we are now, it is so much deeper than that. Every song in the…

Film: Playing Around with VFX

  This was my first time playing around with digital effects. Working with masking as well as tracking on premiere was quite the challenge, but it’s all a learning experience! Enjoy this little short of a chase scene!

Music Production: Getting on Spotify

AXP Artist Profile   The past month, while I may have worked on films such as “Polishing Charley,” I also created a band with a friend of mine, Pablo. We have worked on music together for years and finally decided to put it out into the world. Our band is called AXP, for Alex and…

Writing: Follow (Poem)

This is an excerpt from my book of poems, “Her Thoughts Come Like Seasons.” It was written at a time when I had to make a terribly difficult decision to come back home from school to work on my mental health. I hope this inspires you to follow where your heart tells you to go….

Short Film: Polishing Charley

  Screenplay by: Alex Newe & Pablo Acosta Edited by: Alex Newe Starring (in order of appearance) Payton Chalstrom, Matt Howell, Camille Faiola, Noah Boctor What happens when you get too much into your head? Charley Biggums Brown and his best friend Maxwell Marx hear that beauty, Sally Brown is at the arcade. Max encourages…