Kubrick; a genius or a madman?

One of the most celebrated yet controversial filmmakers of our time was Stanley Kubrick. He is well known for his impeccable translation of literary works to the silver screen and, as David Bordwell explains, “if there is a consistency to a filmmaker’s decisions in how he creates his work, that is his style” (Bordwell 303)….

An exposé on American Film Noir

From the dim-lit Venetian blinds in a dingy Los Angeles apartment to the dark street corners of Chicago, noir leaves a distinct taste in the mouth. After watching Double Indemnity we are left to ponder whether the authorities are always innocent. We grow to understand and even sympathize with violent characters. This is the essence…

Glitch Art

The moment technology becomes invisible to society; when we have accepted it as a normal part of life, becomes the moment where we truly need to identify its impact. The human brain was not wired to withstand the inconceivable mass that the Internet is, yet we still use it every day. Errors in coding, or…

Photography in Fashion

Over the weekend, I had been given the opportunity to shoot models for a friends upcoming fashion business. Cossette Vintage is a sustainable fashion and apparel brand run by Camille Faiola. She effortlessly combines thrifted second hand clothing with her sewing skills to create looks tailored to modern trends as well as vintage. While I…

VFX Planet

In preparation for my Star Wars film, I decided it was time to practice VFX. After Effects scared me so much because it was so foreign to me. But after a few hours of tutorials, I felt comfortable enough to try it. This was my first attempt at shooting a planet!

Music: Releasing My EP on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

So my band and I finally did it! It took around 3 months, but we finally got our EP out. The entire process was surreal for me. We began AXP as a means to release our music, but looking at where we are now, it is so much deeper than that. Every song in the…

Film: Playing Around with VFX

  This was my first time playing around with digital effects. Working with masking as well as tracking on premiere was quite the challenge, but it’s all a learning experience! Enjoy this little short of a chase scene!