Lessons – Full Album – The Process

As of March 4th, 2022, “Lessons” will be available on all music streaming platforms. The album includes 10 solo tracks, each with its own message regarding female empowerment, sexuality, and “lessons” I have learned over the course of my teenage years. “Lessons” builds. off of the sound I have been curating for myself over the…

Star Wars – The Grey Jedi

The Grey Jedi tells the story of Ilo, a bounty hunter from Tattooine. He discovers two sabers in the ground and realizes that he is a descendant of a powerful Jedi. Meanwhile, a sith lord and her brother simultaneously search for the two sabers as it will lead them to their discovery of force-sensitive children in the ga

Filming In The UK

In waiting for my Uni to start, I decided to take my Sony Alpha 6300 out to shoot some footage of Canterbury. It’s a beautiful and historic place with roots dating back to the ancient Romans. In this footage you will see the Kings Mile, an ancient street with buildings over a thousand years old,…

Tiktok, #Duets and Power Dynamics – A Case Study

Introduction  For the purpose of this case study, we will be focalizing on the social media platform known as Tiktok. Specifically, we will be taking a look at the implementation of the #duet and #stitch, where users can post live reactions to other users videos. Tiktok has quickly become one of the most popular and…

Tik Tok, and Its Influence On Us

This article will be focusing specifically on the media platform that is known as Tik Tok. The Journal of the American Medical Association has produced a study where they concluded that, “increased time spent on social media may be a risk factor for internalizing problems in adolescents” (Anderson). However, Tik Tok is also a platform…

A Newe Perspective – SHORT DOC

A short documentary exploring the life experiences of two brothers with Autism. Filmed by their sister, Alex Newe. Directed by: Alex Newe Cinematography by: Alex Newe Music by: AShamaluevMusic

The Unveiled Truth – Documentary

A documentary that explores the effects of police brutality, particularly among Black people in the United States. This documentary focuses not only on the causes, but brings up important ideas to solve the problem.

“2500” A Film By Alex Newe

2500 is a student directed short film by Alex Newe. In a world ravaged by war and climate change, humans have resorted to living under domes in measly living conditions. Only government-selected reproduction is allowed to continue the population and ensure humanity’s survival.

WANDER DARKLY (Tara Miele, 2020) – Analysis of Narration

Wander Darkly’s (Tara Miele, 2020) narration utilizes deflective gaps as well as delayed gaps in information to provide a base for the enigma, “What happened to Adrienne?” These gaps, paired with the narration’s recurring usage of distributed gaps by using temporal-editing, create a global redundancy in the range of knowledge of the fabula by deflecting…