I have made a huge decision to move back to Northern California next semester due to a lack of a support network and to do some soul-searching. I hope to practice my music and to find stability in my home and continue my education at a community college. I love everyone I have had the opportunity to meet and I cannot wait to see what life will have in store for them. I am thankful for everything I have done. Here is a poem I wrote today.


Last night I spoke to Heaven

Love was on my mind

Rain fell as an answer

I’m no longer blind


For so long I listened

To others who said they knew

Forgetting myself

And what my heart told me to do


People will talk

To them it’s naive

Who gives a fuck

I finally believe

7518828608__MG_9548.JPG-Alexandra Brontë

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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Which came first?

    The blog post?
    Or the ID Card?

    Lovely poem, Alex!


    1. The ID card! I added the last part to the post. I am actually planning on publishing a book of my poetry soon-ish.


      1. Glenn Zucman says:

        That’s awesome, Alex!

        Even in 2018, books still rock! People love to receive them, buy them, touch them, read them.

        As a web zealot, I also love the global accessibility of the web. I hope you’ll put more poems on your website.

        These days the web is such a crowded place that generalist blogs are almost impossible to gain very much traction with. If you do start publishing (posting) a lot of poems, it might be worth having a dedicated place for your poetry (and songs). You’ve already tried WordPress and Wix and they’re both great. I’m a WordPress lover myself. If you do want a poetry site, there’s one more option you might like to check out, Medium. It’s very friendly and easy for writing and it might get you a little bit of exposure.


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