Week 6, B6 Environment Portrait: My Band


This is me and my band! We played this weekend at the USU. I was trying to show my passion for music and the arts. Since I was little, I was surrounded by instruments and music. I learned to play guitar, flute, ukulele, a little piano, and a little violin. Guitar, however, has stuck with me and I’ve been praying it for years now. I did not want to post a solo portrait because the whole reason why I play music is to enjoy it with others and to create something together as a team. Layering different instruments and melding notes and melodies together is a beautiful thing. If there is one thing I would have done differently it would be moving to the other side of the courtyard because I did not realize how bad the lighting was! Other than that I love my friends that I can play with and jam with and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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