Design Thinking

Alexandra Brontë Newe

Week B2; Design Thinking

Three Futures

  1. My First Future
    1. In my ideal future, or the one that I am currently on track to pursue, I would first graduate CSULB with a BFA in Film and Electronic Arts. After obtaining my degree, I would then start to network and find potential internships at film studios around the Los Angeles area. With hopes that I do find a studio, my next step would then be to get hired at a studio. I would be willing to relocate to New York, Portland, or simply stay in LA to find a career. Ultimately, I would like to get hired by a documentary company and be able to travel with a film crew around the globe. The end result of this would be that I get the opportunity to experience the world and capture it on film to show to others and potentially live in a foreign country.
  2. My Second Future
    1. So this future of mine is more of a fantasy, or a what if scenario. If I could not pursue film, and I felt stuck, I would drop out of college first off. My next step would then be to work towards obtaining a business license. I would need to work jobs such as serving or bussing tables. Then once I have a decent amount saved up and my business license, I would move back up North to Bodega Bay, CA. Then I would find an old building, fix it up, and convert it into a cafe! It would be called “Turtle Belly Cafe.”
  3. My Third Future
    1. This future is more of an actual what if scenario. After my second year at CSULB, I would study abroad in Hamburg, Germany. There I would focus on filmmaking and building not only my portfolio, but connections with people there. After I finish schooling and graduate from LB with my BFA in film, I would move to Germany. There I would apply for dual citizenship or a work Visa and try to get hired at a film studio there. After working on films and making some money my goal would be to move to Munich or Berlin where my family lives and buy a flat there.

Scale and Evaluations

Future Number 1:

-Confidence: 8/10

-Resources: 9/10

-Impact: 8/10

-Satisfaction: 9/10

Future Number 2:

-Confidence: 4/10

-Resources: 3/10

-Impact: 8/10

-Satisfaction: 7/10

Future Number 3:

-Confidence: 8/10

-Resources: 9/10

-Impact: 10/10

-Satisfaction: 10/10

Rapid Prototype

Documented Interview with my father

So for my interview, I decided to question my father. He was born in Germany and moved back and forth from Germany to the US throughout his life. He was the best person to go to regarding starting a part of my life in a different country. Although he is in business and marketing, he knows a lot about getting into careers and about transitioning to a different country.


B-my father

A: So, I know that you were born in Germany and raised there for most of your life…

B: Yeah?

A: How hard is it to find a career and build a new life in Germany?

B: Well considering that there are probably are not as many structural obstacles in the way, fairly easy.

A: You know I want to go into film and I’ve thought about studying over in Germany and getting film experience.

B: Well you see, Germany’s birth rate is very low, so they want young people to stay there. They’re willing to pay for school and give you a fairly easy transition. All you have to do is really apply yourself to what you want to do. Something different from the US is that if you are in a specific field, you are expected to stay there. It is not like here where you can just change your mind and do something else 20 years into your career. If you go into film, you will be expected to stay in film.

A: Do you think I can do it?

B: So long as you have your heart set on it and apply yourself, you can do anything.


This was quite the experience actually. I have never really thought about the long term future. I’ve always taken each day as it goes. I knew that I wanted to do something in the arts, but I was never 100% certain what. One thing that I know I have to do is travel. I crave experience and culture shock. I’ve been to different parts of the world before and one place that really stuck with me was Germany. Not only do I have roots there, but it is a booming film industry as well. I know that whatever my future entails, Germany will be a part of that.

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